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Recommended finalization solutions

One Tooth Missing
Several Teeth Missing
All Teeth Missing
One Day implant with Esthetic Abutment, Procera Crown and NobelRondo
Esthetic Abutment, Procera® Crown and NobelRondo™.
Several Implant with Procera Implant Bridge
Procera® Implant Bridge
(implant level)
All-on-4" (Multi-Unit Abutment & all-acrylic bridge)
"All-on-4" (Multi-Unit Abutment & all-acrylic bridge)
Immediate Implant with Procera Abutment Zirconia, Procera Crown and NobelRondo
Procera® Abutment Zirconia, Procera® Crown and NobelRondo™.
Several Implant with Procera® Abutment Zirconia, Procera Bridge Zirconia and NobelRondo
Procera® Abutment Zirconia, Procera® Bridge Zirconia and NobelRondo™.
Implant all missing teeth with Procera Implant Bridge
Procera® Implant Bridge
(implant level)

Step by Step Surgical Procedure
  • Medical responsibilityfor planning and treatment remains that of the clinician. It is the responsibility of the clinician to check and verify that the implant position on the model, in relation to radiographs and clinical measurements.
  • The Surgical Template should be disinfected according to normal procedures for non-autoclavable products.
  • Components for NobelGuide NobelDirect are designed to give correct height measurements when used on 2 mm soft tissue thickness. When used in conjunction with other soft tissue thicknesses this has to be compensated for in the planning and setup of the surgical guide.
Check Surgical Template

Please Surgical Template over edentulous areas and check for secure and positive fit. Alter or reline if necessary, because the final placement of implants and provisional will depend on the accuracy of the fit of the Surgical Template
one day implant prodedure
Drill Pilot Hole
  • Place a Guided Drill Guide in one sleeve, on each side of the surgery guide, if placing bilateral implants.
  • Use Twist Drill and drill line through the soft tissue and into the alveolar bone.
immediate implant prodedure
Anchoring Surgical Template
  • Place a Guided Fixation Pin into bone in each of the pilot holes to hold the surgical template secue while the other pilot holes are drilled.
  • Drill for each remaining sleeves.
immediate fucntion implant prodedure
Tissue Punch
  • Remove the Surgical Template, place the correct sized Tissue Punch Guide in the pilot holes and cut the gingival incisions using the corresponding Tissue Punch.
one day implant bangkok
Tissue Plug
  • Use a blade to cut around the puch cuts to assure you have reached the alveolar bone and remove the tissue plugs.
one day implant thailand
Anchoring Surgical Template
  • Replace Surgical Template and secure with Guided Drill Guide and Fixation Pin on both sides if applicable.
immediate implant bangkok
Drill Hole
  • Place the Guided Drill Guide into each sleeve and drill the osteotomy to proper depth with your Twist Step Drill.
immediate implant thailand
Drill Tapered
  • Drill all osteotomies, except for the sleeves holding the Surgical Template in place, using Drill Tapered.
NobelDirect bangkok
Optional-Dense Bone Drills
  • Dense Bone Drills Tappered is only need.
  • Drill one pass though the Surgical Template into the prepared site.
NobelDirect thailand
Optional-Screw Taps
  • Remove the Surgical Template.
  • Place Screw Tap Tapered into prepared implant site.
  • Back screw tap out.
immediate function implant bangkok
Implant Placement
  • Connect the Implant Driver.
  • Place implants in all positions through the sleeves.
  • Remove the Guided Fixation Pin and drill and place the remaining implants.
immediate function implant thailand
Removeal of Surgical Template
  • Once all implants are in position, remove the surgery guide and suture any facial flaps that were reflected.
Implant PlacementProsthetic Procedure-Temporization
  • Try in the provisional and grossly check the occlusion.
  • Reline the inside of the provisionals and insert over the implants. Make sure the patient closes in centric relation occlusion while the reline material sets.
  • Remove the provisional and trim the excess reline.
  • Replace the provisional and recheck occlusion.
one day implant, immediate function implant bangkok thailand

Prepless Margins
Prepless prosthetics is passible on NobelDirect Groovy. A margin can be created on the dry without preparation of the gingival margin. The final restoration can be made with knift-edge margins by use Procera® Crowns Zirconia and parallel implants Procera® Bridge Zirconia.
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