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Astra Tech implant system : Developed with a biological and biomechanical approach.

To put it simply, with the Astra Tech implant system, esthetics are integrated into the implant system design. We work together with nature in supporting the natural healing process instead of interfering with it. That is why you can rely on the Astra Tech implant system, not only today, but also tomorrow and beyond.

A successful implant system cannot be determined by one single feature alone. Just as with nature, there must be several interdependent features working together. The following combination of key features is unique to Astra Tech:

OsseoSpeed™ : more bone more rapidly
OsseoSpeed™ is the first and only implant in the world with a chemically modified titanium surface, providing unique nano scale topography, that stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the bone healing process. The result of the micro-roughened titanium surface treated with fluoride is increased bone formation and stronger bone-to-implant bonding. Together with MicroThread? on the implant neck, OsseoSpeed provides true growing power in action for more reliable and effective treatment. The clinical benefits of OsseoSpeed are proven and well-documented

MicroThread™ biomechanical bone stimulation
The neck of Astra Tech implants are designed with MicroThread?— minute threads that offer optimal load distribution and lower stress values. This design is based on a thorough understanding of bone physiology, vital to optimal implant design. Since bone tissue is designed to carry loads, dental implants must be developed to mechanically stimulate the surrounding bone in order to preserve it, taking into consideration that the critical point of the implant-bone interface is located at the marginal cortical bone where peak stresses occur.

Conical Seal Design™ a strong and stable fit
The Conical Seal Design? is a conical connection below the marginal bone level that transfers the load deeper down in the bone. Compared to conical connections above the marginal bone level and flat-to-flat designs, Conical Seal Design reduces peak stresses and thereby preserves the marginal bone. It also seals off the interior of the implant from surrounding tissues, minimizing micro-movements and micro-leakage. Conical Seal Design simplifies maintenance and ensures reliability in all clinical situations. What’s more, the tight and precisely fitting implant-abutment relation of the Conical Seal Design makes abutment connection a quick and simple procedure. The abutment is self-guiding and the installation procedure is non-traumatic, eliminating the risk of bone damage.

Connective Contour™ increased soft tissue contact zone and volume
The Connective Contour™ is the unique contour that is created when you connect the abutment to the implant. This contour allows for an increased connective soft tissue contact zone both in height and volume, which integrates with the transmucosal part of the implant, sealing off and protecting the marginal bone.
Astra Tech OsseoSpeed Implant

Astra Tech MicroThread Implant

Astra Tech Conical Seal Design
Conical Seal Design™

Astra Tech Connective Contour
Connective Contour™
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