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NobelReplace™ Tapered Groovy implant is shaped to resemble a tooth root, making surgical procedure exceptionally simple and predictable – especially for immediate placement after extraction.

our new and unique grooved threads implant. Since bone forms more rapidly in the grooves, the Groovy implants integrate faster than implants without the groove and are indicated whenever immediate or early loading is applied. The Groovy implants are preferred over models without the groove in soft bone indications.

We offer a complete solutions package of crown, bridge and implants. We have the important temporary solutions to cover all implants. And everything needed for permanent. You can choose from our standard prosthetic assortment with products in all necessary configurations. Or the infinitely customized options available with our Premium solutions.
NobelReplace Tapered Groovy Implants, Procera Abutment , Procera; Crown
Premium solution with NobelReplace™ Tapered Groovy,
Procera® Abutment and Procera® Crown.

New NobelGuide™ carries your treatment planning accurately into the mouth of your patient. Then also allows safe, predictable performance of minimally invasive surgery using individualized surgical templates.

Faster integration with grooves
Groovy, our completely new and unique grooves, takes NobelReplace™ Tapered Groovy implants to a higher level of effectiveness. It has been shown in scientific studies that they increase stability compared to implants without grooves.

NobelReplace Tapered Groovy surface Scanning electron microscopic
images of TiUnite® implant with
a groovy at the thread flank.
NobelReplace Tapered Groovy surface

Extensive biomechanical and histological testing of oxidized titanium implants identified the optimal groove for promoting growth and stability.
  • Bone formed preferentially within the grooves, compared to other parts of the implant
  • Enhanced osseoconductive properties of the grooves and a guiding effect on bone forming cells
  • Up to 30% increase in stability from mechanical interlock created by bone formation within the groove
NobelReplace™ Tapered Groovy implant – effective even in soft bone
Research shows the results from grooves are even more pronounced when they’re utilized in bone of lower quality.

NobelReplace™ Tapered Groovy implant on the collar
With research showing that bone loves bonding with grooves we have extended them to the collar of most new implants so they:
  • Increase surface area
  • Increase area for bone to-implant contact
NobelReplace Tapered Groovy in dental clinic thailand
Scanning electron microscopic
image of TiUnite® implant with
groove at the thread flank filled
with bone. Note the additional
lateral spreading of bone over
the flank of the implant.
NobelReplace Tapered Groovy in dental clinic bangkok, thailand
Histological image showing a
thread area situated in the marrow
compartment after six weeks of
healing in the rabbit tibia. Bone is
seen inside the groove.
Ground section, toluidine blue.
NobelReplace Tapered Groovy in dental clinic bangkok
Computed micro-tomography
showing bone present in the
groove (lighter red) and bone
present at the bottom between
the threads (draker red).
Nobel Replace Tapered Groovy implant, Nobel Replace Tapered Groovy Bangkok, Nobel Replace Tapered Groovy Thailand
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