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The NobelSpeedy™ implant enables dentists to achieve primary stability at time of implant placement, and is specially designed to circumvent compromised bone conditions. Its TiUnite® surface provides accelerated osseointegration over machined surface implants and natural gum contours, while its narrow tip makes it perfect for flapless surgery shortening treatment time and speeding recovery as a result.
  • The implant for flapless surgery
  • Immediate Function
  • Increased initial stability in soft bone
  • Optimal Emergence Profile and Esthetics
  • TiUnite® 'all the way up'
The NobelSpeedy™ implant is specially designed for increased stability in soft bone.

  • Parallel walled implant
  • Slightly tapered design
  • Internal/External abutment connections
Nobel Speepy Groovy with Procera Abutment & Procera Crown
Premium solution with NobelSpeedy™ Groovy with
Procera® Abutment and Procera® Crown.
NobelSpeedy™ implant for flapless surgery

The innovative head design makes this implant ideal for flapless surgery. Since the head is the same diameter as the implant body, there's no risk that it will get stuck on marginal bone edges and not go down to the prepared depth. Since inspection of the bone margin is impossible when working flapless, this feature is of major importance. By preventing the use of countersinks this also preserves cortical bone.

flapless procedure implant bangkok
flap procedure implant thailand

NobelSpeedy™ implant for Immediate Function

The innovative implant tip is sharp so the implant works as an osteotome, pushing bone to the side and thereby widening the ridge. This feature allows variable, and if needed, extensive under-preparation of the site. The resulting higher initial stability, especially in soft bone, supports Immediate Function™.

The sharp tip also secures a smooth insertion without the implant wobbling. This ensures the implant will not spin and lose stability when a higher density area is reached.

Since the implant cuts through any bone quality it's especially suitable for grafted bone. The bone graft can be of various density levels, and the ability to under-prepare gives the necessary flexibility when preparing the grafted site. The implant will cut even in under-prepared block graft sites.

NobelDirect implant, One Day Implant, Immediate Function Immediate Function - Single tooth restorations

Immediate Function - Multiple Restorations

NobelSpeedy™ implant for esthetics

The parallel-walled body and innovative head of NobelSpeedy™ secures flexibility in the final vertical position of the implant, which is important for the emergence profile. It provides the possibility to increase torque and place the implant further down without repeating the drilling procedure. Especially important when working with internal connection implants where only 3 positions allow optimal esthetics.

NobelSpeedy™ Replace:
  • Narrow Tip ,Sharper Chamfers
  • Internal Abutment Connection
  • Slightly Tapered
  • TiUnite® all the way up
  • Extremely Short Drill Protocol
  • Grooves on threads
  • Increased initial stability in soft bone

NobelSpeedy™ Groovy:
Same benefits as NobelSpeedy™ Replace. In addition:
  • External Abutment Connection
  • Including Shorty implant
    NobelSpeedy™ Shorty (7mm)
NobelSpeedy Replace
NobelSpeedy Groovy, NobelSpeedy Groovy Shorty
NobelSpeedy,Nobel Speedy,NobelSpeedy Groovy,NobelSpeedy Shorty,Nobel Speedy Groovy,Nobel Speedy Shorty,NobelSpeedy Bangkok Thailand
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