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Immediate Function

The Immediate Funtion procedure with Nobel Biocare implants is clinically proven, and success rates are equivalent to or better than those of conventional implant protocols. The results from studies show that Immediate Function is possible in all oral regions.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
  • Good gingival/periodontal/periapical status of adjacent teeth
  • Favorable and stable occlusal relationship
  • Noapical disorder/inflammation at the implant site
  • Good bone volume and density
  • No pronounced bruxism
As with any procedure, it is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to determine the benefits and risks of Immediate Function, compared with delayed loading for a given patient and implant site.
The following points should be considered when performing the treatment:

High initial implant stability

Different bone qualities and quantities and preparation techniques influence the level of stability. Implants should be well anchored in the bone and should be able to withstanding torque without further rotation.

Controlled loads

Reduce potential load factors such as cantilevers, lateral occlusal contact, unstable occlusion and severe bruxism. Splinted implants are preferred to non-splinted ones.

Osseoconductive implant surfaces

The TiUnite surface on Nobel Biocare Implants has been shown to support the healing process and better maintenance of the initial implant stability than manchined titanium implants. TiUnite is a highly osseoconductive surface and is recommened for Immediate Function.

Post-surgery and oral hygiene

The post-surgery follow-up is the same as for any surgery in the area. Antibiotics on the day of surgery and some days post-surgery may be indicated.

Final restoration

The final restoration may be placed after individual clinical considerations, mainly depending on tissue healing.
dental implant bangkok
High resolution of the proteins
at the connective tissue-TiUnite interface.
dental implant thailand
Bone extensions anchored
in the pores of TiUnite as seen
after removal of the implant.
dental implant center
Bone growth on the TiUnite Surface

Implant Placement at the Time of Extraction

The healing capacity of an extraction site is excellent and, as long as the initial stability is reached, implant therapy is well suited to extraction sites.
Depending on the difficulty of the extraction and presence of facial bone, the procedure may or may not require flap reflection.
Careful removal of any infected tissue is required. The following steps are recommended:
Implant Placement at the Time of Extraction
  • Extractt gently, keeping the labial bone plate intact
  • Verify that the labial plante is intact by gentle probing
  • Carefully remove remnants of any soft tissue from the socket
  • Select the lenght of the implant so its apical end extends beyond the extraction socket
  • Use drill positioning to make sure that the implant will not exert pressure on the thin gap between the implant platform and the bone wall is as small as possible
Implant Placement at the Time of Extraction

If periodontitis is the cause of the extraction, healing before implant treatment is often the procedure of choice.
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