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Straumann Roxolid® Implants: The new "DNA" of implant materials.

More confidence in small diameter implants : Roxolid® and SLActive® combine high strength with excellent osseointegration to deliver more peace of mind in treatment with small diameter implants.

Flexibility of having more treatment options : Roxolid® provides a wider choice of treatment options with small diameter implants. This can support you when choosing the optimal treatment for your patient in specific clinical situation.

Designed to increase patientís acceptance to implant treatment : Differentiate your practice with the benefits of small diameter implants. Roxolid® offers greater confidence when placing small diameter implants in patients.

Confidence when placing small diameter implants

Implants are exposed to high forces and need to demonstrate good osseointegration. These factors are especially important when small diameter implants are chosen due to their reduced size. The combination of the Roxolid® material and the SLActive® surface are designed to specifically address these two parameter.

roxolid implant titanium implant
Histological analysis showing Roxolid® (left) and titanium (right).
The data have shown a better bone in-growth behavior as measured
by BATA (bone area to total area) with Roxolid® compared to Straumannís titanium.

Flexibility of having more treatment options

When treating patients, you want to make sure to offer them the best possible solution at all times. Therefore, you need the freedom to choose the solution you want to deliver. Roxolid® small diameter implants offer you more treatment options when preserving existing bone and vascular supply is important. This supports you in choosing the optimal solution for your patients in specific clinical situations.

roxolid treatment
New treatment options chosen
with Roxolid® Ø 3.3 mm implants

The non-interventional study demonstrates that in 42% of the cases, Roxolid® implants have been used where 3.3mm titanium implants previously were not suitable.

Designed to increase patientsí acceptance of implant treatment

Patients often fear implant treatment due to pain, time, and cost. Differentiate your practice by offering Roxolid®, a solution designed for improved patient care due to more treatment options. Roxolid® is designed to offer greater confidence when placing small diameter implants. Roxolid® implants can be the solution to increase patientsí acceptance of implant treatment.

  • Help prevent bone loss
  • Allow to bite and chew naturally
  • Allow to enjoy your favorite foods again
  • Help keep other teeth in position
  • Allow to speak naturally
  • Help you feel more attractive
  • Provide a long term solution for missing teeth
High strength

Roxolid® is a homogenous metallic alloy composed of the elements titanium and zirconium. As a result of alloying these two elements a higher tensile strength compared to pure titanium (annealed1 and cold worked2) can be achieved. Thanks to the higher tensile strength small diameter implants can be placed with more confidence.

straumann roxolid dental implant

Biomechanical tests (fatigue strength) have been performed according to the ISO 14 801 norm. The fatigue strength of a system is the maximum force where three systems survived at least 5 million load cycles without any fractures

1. Block in which the implant is fixed, bone resorption of 3mm is simulated
2. Axes of the block
3. Implant/abutment/crown system
4. Block which creates cyclic force on the abutment
Straumann Roxolid, Straumann Roxolid Implant, Straumann Roxolid Implants, Straumann Roxolid Bangkok, Straumann RoxolidThailand
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