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NobelActive™ Implant - a new direction for Implants
The self-condensing abilities of NobelActiveimplants deliver advantages in all types of bone and in compromised situations, especially in softer bone.

NobelActiveimplants don't cut through bone like conventional implants, they gently press through it like a corkscrew. This bone condensing capability delivers high initial stability. The narrow neck is designed to preserve marginal bone and promote long-lasting soft tissue stability.

The self-drilling ability of NobelActiveimplants allows it to be inserted into sites prepared to a reduced depth. This is useful where sites are close to vital anatomical structures: the mandibular nerve canal or the maxillary sinus, and nose cavity for instance. This means you can be confident of accurate placement while having a minimally invasive procedure.

The unique combination of design features of NobelActiveimplants is derived from thorough investigation into the bio-mechanical dynamics of hard and soft tissues surrounding dental implants.

NobelActive™ offers unique advantages
  • potentially fewer drilling protocol steps, depending on bone density and quantity
  • minimal osteotomy with minor trauma to bone and surrounding tissues
  • extremely high stability in fresh extraction sites and sites with thin sinus floors
  • ability to change direction during surgery gives full flexibility for optimal placement
  • a narrow neck designed to preserve marginal bone
  • grooves on threads and scientifically proven TiUnite™ surface
Nobel Active Dental Implant Bangkok Thailand Dental Clinic
NobelActive™ expanded indications
The unique self-drilling and bone-condensing capabilities of NobelActive™ facilitate placement in clinically demanding situations, by offering:
  • excellent stabilization in soft bone using gradual condensing of bone in all dimensions throughout the entire length of the implant, even with as little as 3 mm of bone at the neck of the implant
  • adjustment to small changes for parallelism using the self-drilling capacity it is possible to change direction of the implant during implant placement
  • aimmediate placement in the esthetic region, even when buccal bone plate is very thin
  • excellent stabilization in wide sockets - using minimal osteotomy, even with as little bone as 3 mm at the bottom of freshly extracted sockets
NobelActive™ implant design


nobel active dental implant dental hospital bangkok dental clinic thailand implant center
Coronal Region  
  • open flap
  • Create a hole for the dental implant.
  • insert an implant in the prepared hole
  • Close the gum by suture
  • temporary crowns while waiting for laboratory fabrication of permanent crowns
  • rebounding of cortical bone
  • designed to minimize bone resorption
  • designed to increase soft tissue volume
  • bone modeling above the coronal region
  • no micro-gap (NobelActive™ External)
  • bone expansion like using sequential osteotomes
  • bone expansion like using a sequential osteotome
  • variable horizontal thread design
  • wide pitch
  • double thread
  • bone condensing
  • greater initial stability
  • quicker and easier insertion
Apical region  
  • sharp and long horizontal threads
  • narrow core
  • apical drilling blades
  • two long spiral taps

  • self-drilling in most bone types
  • minimized osteotomy with smaller drill bits
  • controllable direction of insertion

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