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Astra Tech OsseoSpeed™ TX implant

At Astra Tech Dental we continuously strive to enhance products and simplify procedures to provide reliable long-lasting successful results and, at the same time, make your day-to-day work a little bit easier. OsseoSpeed™ TX is designed to do just that:
  • The tapered apex makes implant installation easier for all indications.
  • Ideal for installation in soft bone where underpreparation is desired. With the soft bone drilling protocol (a reduced diameter of the osteotomy), an increased torque resistance can be perceived.
The tapered apex was first introduced on the OsseoSpeed™ 3.0 S implant for narrow spaces and is now applied to the complete Astra Tech implant line.

The full range of OsseoSpeed™ TX implants covers all indications, from cases with normal bone to cases with limited vertical bone height, the replacement of maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors with narrow horizontal space, and for both anterior and posterior situations.

Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX implant
OsseoSpeed™ TX

Implants for cases with limited vertical bone height or limited horizontal space

  • OsseoSpeed™ TX 4.0 S - 6 mm : Ideal for cases with limited vertical bone height, this shorter implant also helps reduce the need for bone augmentation.
  • OsseoSpeed™ TX 3.0 S : One of the few two-piece implant solutions on the market today optimal for cases with limited horizontal space.
OsseoSpeed™ TX 4.0 S - 6 mm

This short implant is specially designed for cases with limited vertical bone height. While the 8 mm implant can also be used for the majority of cases with limited vertical bone height, when the anatomical conditions require either bone augmentation or a shorter implant, the OsseoSpeed TX 4.0 S - 6 mm may be more ideal. For full flexibility, the short implant is compatible with the existing comprehensive abutment line for the small implant-abutment connection (color-code aqua).

OsseoSpeed™ TX 3.0 S

For the replacement of maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors when the horizontal space is too narrow to place a 3.5 mm implant, OsseoSpeed TX 3.0 S is available in 11, 13 and 15 mm lengths. Despite its narrow design, it has all the same unique features as the rest of the OsseoSpeed product line, including Conical Seal Design™, making it one of the few narrow implants with a two-piece solution. The two-piece design is much more favorable when it comes to safety, esthetics and reliability compared to a one-piece design. The Astra Tech Implant System™ also gives the flexibility of working with both one-stage and two-stage surgery. The OsseoSpeed TX 3.0 S is used together with Healing Abutment and TiDesign™ abutments (color-code yellow) or Atlantis™ patient specific abutments.

The OsseoSpeed™ TX 3.0 S is the optimal solution for replacement of maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors where the horizontal space is limited by adjacent teeth and roots.

Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX implant
All the benefits of Astra Tech BioManagement Complex™

All four of the unique key features of the Astra Tech BioManagement Complex™ can be found in the OsseoSpeed™ TX implants.

In addition to the growing power of the OsseoSpeed™ surface, MicroThread™ at the implant neck provides biomechanical bone stimulation and optimal load distribution. Along with the strong and stable fit of the Conical Seal Design™ and increased soft tissue contact volume of Connective Contour™, the functional load bearing capacity is increased at least threefold.

Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX implant
OsseoSpeed TX, Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX, OsseoSpeed TX Implant, Astra Tech OsseoSpeed TX Bangkok, OsseoSpeed OsseoSpeed TX Thailand
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