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Dental Occlusion or Malocclusion is an extremely common dental condition caused when the biting surfaces of the teeth do not properly fit together. The way teeth grow out of the jaw is influenced by a number of factors, as heredity, shape of the jaw, and certain environmental conditions can lead to uneven variations in biting surface. If left untreated these variations in jaw structure can eventually cause problems with biting, gum health, speech development, and the ability to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Most dental occlusion are treated after adult teeth begin to grow in, as the bones and teeth are far more pliable than those of adults. In some cases the dentist will have to remove one or more permanent teeth to ensure proper growth and expansion of other teeth. Great care is exercised to prevent future impaction or irritation by other teeth that have yet to erupt, so many people who have malocclusion are required to wear a retaining device or mouthpiece to prevent complications.

The dental occlusion problem is caused by multi factors, the treatment of this group of patients must be integrated in approach and perform by Occlusion Dentist, who must be knowledgeable about dental occlusion and can coordinate and refer the patient to the health service provider for appropriate treatment.

Braces are the most common appliances used to correct malocclusions. While braces are the most effective way to adjust and reshape uneven biting surfaces, it is critically important to maintain exemplary oral hygiene to prevent cavities from forming in the areas where food can collect easily. Once in place, these braces slowly but surely arrange the teeth into a healthy biting formation.

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