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The Process

Tooth Cell banking is a proactive decision parents all over the world are now making. With years of potential health benefits in return for simply saving your children's teeth, it's easy to see why.

Our three step process is simple, effective and non-invasive:

Step 1: Tooth Collection
You place the tooth in the collection box we provide. (CAREFULLY FOLLOWING ALL INSTRUCTIONS!)

When your child’s tooth falls out all you have to do is put it in to fresh milk in the storage container along with frozen gel packs. Pop it in the collection box and save it securely shut. The kit is then ready for delivery to our lab.

Step 2: Stem Cell Isolation
When we receive the tooth all the cells are isolated. We confirm the current health and viability of these cells.

Step 3: Tooth Cell Storage
We cryopreserve the tooth cells for your future use.

The sample is then divided into four cryo - tubes and each part is stored in a seperate location in our cryo-genic system. This means that even in the unlikely event of a problem with one of our storage units, there will be another sample available for use. The cells are preserved in liquid nitrogen vapour at a temperature of less than -150c. This preserves the cells and maintains their potential potency.

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Not all teeth hold the same tremendous potential. The teeth shown in red on the diagram here have been published to contain these unique types of cells. As indicated, the primary molars require special attention and processing. Please contact us to discuss whether storing the cells from one of these teeth is appropriate for your situation.

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The first 48 hours after the tooth is out of the mouth are critical. The tooth must be prepared, packaged and shipped and received at laboratory during this time to maximize a successful isolation.

The most important contribution you can make to the success of this process is to be prepared in advance for the next time your child's tooth or your wisdom tooth becomes loose.

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