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Dental x-ray Kodak RVG 6000, Digital Radiography System

Digital speed and quality
The RVG 6000 digital radiography system lets you capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly and easily. It's designed to give you outstanding results while being exceptionally easy to use. And it's backed by Kodak's expert support team, so you can concentrate on what matters most - your patients.

Fast, confident diagnoses
the RVG 6000 system delivers the highest resolution of any digital radiography system in the industry. It gives you the high definition you need to make accurate diagnoses quickly and confidently.

A better patient experience
With high-speed USB 2 technology, the Kodak RVG 6000 system acquires and displays images in seconds, minimizing the waiting time. You can communicate results immediately and provide a professional, reassuring image of your practice.

Exclusive digital sensor technology
Kodak system's exclusive sensor with patented optical fiber technology yields the highest resolution digital radiographs digital radiographs in the industry. This technology also has the greatest exposure latitude - to help make accurate diagnoses every time.

Simple sophistication
Simple, efficient and intuitive, Kodak imaging software gives you all the tools you need to make accurate diagnoses, including Logicon caries detector, the only FDA-approved software for detecting the presence and depth of penetration of proximal caries.

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