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What is BriteSmile

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Whiten Procedure

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BriteSmile Post Care

After Your BriteSmile Whitening

After Your BriteSmile procedure please follow a few guidelines to help you maintain the look of your new smile. Everyone's teeth have a protective layer called the protein pellicle. This layer contains the surface dental stains and is removed during BriteSmile treatments. It takes twelve to 24 hours for the barries to fully develop again. During this period we ask you to avoid the items listed on the back of this card.

You may experience some tooth sensitivity during this period. If you do, take whatever you would normally use for a headache.

BriteSmile Post - Treatment Care

A list of recommended foods you may consume for the next 24 hours:

Drink : milk, water, clear soda
Fruit : bananas, apples, no peel
Bread : white bread, flour tortillas
Oats : oatmeal, cream of wheat
Dairy : plain yogurt, white cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese
Grains : white rice, baked potato
Pasta : plain pasta and white sauce
Meat : turkey, chicken breast (no skin)
Fruit : bananas, apples, no peel

A list of items we recommended you avoid for the next 24 hours:

: Red Wine
: Drak Colas
: Coffee or Tea
: Red sauces
: Mustard or Ketchup
: Soy sauce, A-1 sauce
: Smoking
: Or anything that would stain a white shirt.


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