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What is BriteSmile

Safe - Effective

Whiten Procedure

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Welcome to BriteSmile Bangkok

The BriteSmile mission is to enhance their customers lives by brightening their smiles.

The BriteSmile guarantee whiter teeth in one hour with BriteSmile revolutionary treatment, which is safe, simple and state of art.

The BriteSmile treatment is recognized as the worlds leading whitening system. A global organisation, with offices in Europe, U.S., South America and Asia, you can rest assured that BriteSmile has the technology and experience to whiten your teeth quickly and safely. That's not a promise, its a BriteSmile guarantee!

Why BriteSmile

: One visit, one hour
: Your brightest, healthiest smile
: Results last for years
: Applied by dental professionals
: Whitening Guarantee

Whitening Guarantee

At BriteSmile, we're so confident in our state-of-the-art teeth-whitening system that we guarantee your teeth will be whiter after just one hour.

Why BriteSmile's Safe

Over 800,000 happy clients all agree: BriteSmile is safe.
: SAFE for your tooth enamel
: SAFE for fillings and dental work
: SAFE for your gums

Compare Dental Whitening Treatments
BriteSmile At-Home Trays Strips Toothpaste
Treatment Time
1 hour 66 hours 7-30 days 1 month
Whitening Improvement
up to 14 shades 6 shades 3-4 shades 1-2 shades

- Consistent long lasting results
- Safe and comfortable
- Guaranteed

- Messy
- Uncomfortable
- Older technology
- No immediate results
- Uncomfortable
- Inconsistent tooth whitening
If you stop using the toothpaste, you can lose the results you've achieved.

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