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IPS e.max® System

IPS Empress® and the Esthetic RevolutionSM held the promise of better dentistry, the promise of changing the lives of dentists and most importantly patients. Today, there is a technological revolution happening in dentistry that presents new opportunities for high strength laboratory fabricated restorations. For the first time, the Esthetic Revolution and Technological Revolution have aligned propelling dentistry to a new horizon.

Using today’s all-ceramic materials, clinicians have the ability to provide health, function, and esthetics for their patients. Whereas early metal-free restorations surpassed metalceramic options in esthetics but not strength, recent innovations in ceramic technology have yielded multiple all-ceramic systems that are used in anterior and posterior regions to achieve a balance between these requisites. As a result, it has been difficult—particularly in challenging cases (see illustrations)—for dental professionals to fabricate restorations and to create lifelike smiles with consistent vitality.

Today, IPS e.max takes Empress to the max. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max allows you to select the most appropriate material - either high strength zirconium oxide or high strength glass ceramic - and the ideal fabrication technique for the case you are completing. A single layering ceramic, IPS e.max Ceram, offers simplicity – ultimately delivering outstanding esthetics, and predictable shade matching even with difficult combination cases.

IPS e.max systemIPS e.max system

• Conventionally Cementable
• Choice of high strength materials including zirconium oxide or high strength glass ceramic
• Press and CAD/CAM fabrication techniques optimizing both strength and fit
• One layering ceramic delivering one smile chemistry
• Press on Zirconium Oxide technique
• Outstanding esthetics

With IPS e.max you only need to write one prescription and be confident that you are getting the strength and esthetics you demand. Select a specific e.max material or simply ask your laboratory for e.max. Together you and your laboratory partner can provide your patient with an e.max smile.

e.max Ceram

• IPS e.max Ceram is a nano-fluroapatite layering ceramic.
• Can be layered on all e.max components including high strength glass ceramic and zirconium oxide.
• Predictable results regardless of the substructure material used since it can be layered on all IPS e.max components.
• Can be layered on most commonly used zirconium oxide substructures.
• Indicated for layered veneers.
e.max Ceram
e.max Ceram

e.max CAD

• High strength glass-ceramic block for superior esthetics.
• Indicated for single unit anterior and premolar substructures.
• Suitable for implant superstructures for single tooth restorations.
• Absence of shrinkage that optimizes the fit of the restoration.
e.max CAD
e.max CAD

e.max ZirCAD

• Presintered, yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide block for the CAD/CAM technique.
• With a flexural strength of over 900 MPA, it offers a fracture toughness more than twice that of glass-infiltrated ceramics.
• Ideal for high strength crown substructures.
• Indicated for 3- or 4-unit bridge frameworks and inlay-retained bridges.
e.max ZirCAD
e.max ZirCAD

e.max Press

• Pressable technology delivering the ultimate in fit, strength, and esthetics.
• High strength glass ceramic ingot offering the greatest strength.
• 400 MPa flexural strength.
• Indicated for fabricating single-tooth anterior and posterior crown substructures and 3-unit anterior bridges.
• Suitable for implant superstructures for single tooth restorations.
e.max Press
e.max Press

e.max ZirPress

• Fluorapatite glass ceramic that offers outstanding lifelike esthetics.
• Indicated for the press to zirconia technique which allows for the fit of a pressable ceramic while achieving high strength with the zirconia.
• Ideally suited to either a cut-back technique or a fully anatomical technique.
e.max ZirPress
e.max ZirPress

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