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IPS e.max® Veneer

Dental professionals are often faced with challenging cases like the one shown cases that require the dentist and the technician to balance both strength and esthetic demands. This often requires multiple substructure materials and multiple systems. As a result, it is difficult to fabricate restorations and create a lifelike smile with a consistent vitality. Now, with e.max the dentist and dental technician can work in partnership to restore even the most challenging cases using one high strength conventionally cementable all ceramic system. By writing just one prescription for e.max you can be confident you will be providing your patients with optimized esthetics and strength. Patients will benefit from a highly esthetic smile.

High-strength material options
One layering ceramic for outstanding esthetics
Conventionally cementable
Press and CAD/CAM fabrication options
Ideal for combination cases

IPS e.max® Veneer Tooth Preparation

e.max veneer preparation Uniform Facial Preparation
A medium grit, round-ended, diamond bur is used to remove a uniform thickness of acial ename by joining the depth-cut grooves.
e.max veneer incisal preparation Incisal Preparation
The diamond bur is angled to bevel back the incisal edge.
e.max veneer chhamfer margins Chamfer Margins
Correct preparation of the chamfer margins interproximally allows the appropriate bulk of porcelain..

Thin Veneer IPS e.max can be pressed to as thin as 0.3 mm for veneers. If sufficient space is present, IPS e.max can be placed over the existing teeth without the removal of any tooth structure. Depending on the case requirements, however, some teeth may need to be prepared to accommodate for the thickness of the ceramic and to ensure for proper contour and emergence profile.

Before and after IPS e.max® Veneer

IPS e.max
IPS e.max veneer before
IPS e.max veneer after

IPS e.max ZirCAD/IPS e.max Ceram

IPS e.max ZirCAD/IPS e.max Ceram veneer before
IPS e.max ZirCAD/IPS e.max Ceram veneer after

IPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram

IPSIPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram veneer before
IPS IPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram veneer after

IPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram

IPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram veneer before
IPS e.max Press/IPS e.max Ceram veneer after

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