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Zoom! Professional Whitening System

The Zoom! Chairside Whitening System is a scientifically advanced, patent pending, tooth whitening procedure. It's safe, effective and fast, very fast. In less than an hour your teeth will become dramatically whiter. Zoom! Chairside Whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. The convenience of Zoom! in comparison todays of wearing trays or strips, makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual. Zoom! is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin.

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System will make your teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour. Which proper care your smile will sparkle for years.

Get ready to Zoom!
Take a first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth in less than an hour. Zoom! teeth whitening is safe, effective and very fast, and performed only by a dental professional.
  1. The procedure is simple. It begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed.
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  2. The Zoom! clinician then applies the proprietary Zoom! whitening gel, which was designed to be used specifically with the Zoom! light. The light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up the stains and discoloration.
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  3. During this time you can relax, watch TV or listen to music. The gel is applied for 3 fifteen minute secsions for a total treatment time of 45 minutes.
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  4. Finally, you go home with your brighter, whiter smile.
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Sensitivity during the treatment may occur with some patients. The Zoom! light genetrates minimal heat which is the usual source of discomfort. On rare occasion, minor tingling sensations are experienced immediately after the procedure, but always dissipate.
Lip burning can be found in one who sensitive to UV. If you do, then please kindly inform the dentist before proceduce.
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Zoom!, Zoom! Whitening, Zoom! Teeth Whitening, Zoom! Whitening System, Zoom! Bangkok, Zoom! Thailand, Zoom! Center
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