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Metal Braces Orthodontics

When most people think of metal braces they think of the big clunky braces of the past. They were extremely uncomfortable and more than capable of cutting your lips. From a cosmetic point of view they were, at best, unattractive and are wholly responsible for the stigma attached to braces today. However, times have changed and so have braces.

Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than old fashioned braces. They have what is called a low profile design, which is less irritating to your lips. They also have special contours to make your orthodontic treatment go faster and be less painful.

metal braces

Do Adults Really Get Braces?

Nowadays people of all ages are getting braces. For a variety of reasons, many people did not have the opportunity to seek orthodontic treatment when they were children. There are also people who have dental problems later in life and wish to correct them. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise wore braces in his late thirties because his mouth wasnít closing properly.

Other people received orthodontic treatment when they were young, but they didnít continue wearing their retainers for long enough following the initial treatment. The result is that their teeth are now a little bit crooked. Now they are unhappy with their smile so they get braces too. If you are worried about how you will look during the treatment try and focus on the winning smile you will have in the future.

Do modern braces hurt?

Orthodontic companies are constantly testing their braces to try to find ways to make the treatment painless. We have a number of designs for braces which minimize the pain you will feel. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to avoid the pain when the braces are first put on, or when the braces are being tightened. There will also be some discomfort in the first few weeks as your mouth adjusts to the braces. Having braces should not disrupt your lifestyle in any way although avoiding sports such kick-boxing would be advisable.

How will the brace affect my diet?

Certain foods and drinks may lead to damage. You should avoid drinking lots of fizzy drinks and keep in-between-meal snacks to a minimum. Very crunchy and sticky foods are capable of breaking your brace. Toffee and chewing gum must be avoided. Really enjoyable hard foods can be chopped up and chewed gently! You may also find chew difficult following the placement and tightening of your brace.

How do I know my teeth wonít go back to the way they were when the braces come off?

After braces are removed, the teeth can shift out of position if they are not stabilized. They must, therefore, be held in their new positions for a long time with retainer braces until they have settled. They are designed to hold teeth in their corrected, ideal positions until the bones and gums adapt to the treatment changes. Retainers are either removable appliances or thin wires stuck onto the tongue side of the teeth. Wearing retainers exactly as instructed is the best insurance that the treatment improvements last for a lifetime.
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